• The result of a game is decided by a majority of points at the completion of the scheduled ends of play. The game is scheduled for 10 (classic mode) or 6 (express mode). Every team delivers 8 (classic mode) or 6 (express mode) stones per end.
  • At the completion of an end, a team scores one point for each of its own stones located in the house that are closer to the center than any stone of the opposition (see the examples).
  • A stone is deemed to be in the house if it's located in the blue ring, or touching the blue ring. The red ring is for the purpose of judging which stone is closer to the center.

Last-stone advantage

  • In SweepTheIce, the first stone in the first end is always delivered by the red team. Therefore, the yellow team has the last-stone advantage (the hammer) in the first end.
  • The red team delivers the first stone in every end until one team scores, after which the team that most recently scored delivers the first stone in any subsequent end.

Stones out of play

  • A stone that completely crossed the back line or touches a side edge of the sheet is removed from play.
  • A stone that does not come to rest completely beyond the hog line is removed from play, except when it strikes another stone, in which case it remains in play.

Delivery fouls

  • If a stone hasn't reached the front tee line, it must be redelivered.
  • If the player hasn't released the space key before the delivered stone reaches the front hog line, the stone is removed from play.

Free guards rule

  • A stone that is in the free guards zone, i.e. outside of the house and before the house tee line, is a guard.
  • If, prior to the delivery of the fifth stone of an end, a delivered stone causes an opponents' guard to be moved to an out-of-play position, then the delivered stone is removed from play, and any displaced stones are replaced to their positions prior to the violation delivery.


  • The delivering team can sweep the ice in front of a moving stone to change its speed and direction.
  • Team can't sweep an opponent's stone except behind the house tee line. An opponents' stone behind the house tee line can be swept with only one broom. Unlike the real curling, non-delivering team isn't allowed to sweep any stones.

Mouse control

Easy and intuitive, optimal for newbies
  • To start the delivery, push the stone forward. Accelerate the stone and release it before it reaches the front hog line (see the rules of the game);
  • Sweep the ice in front of the stone to change its speed and direction.

Keyboard control

Perfect for advanced users
Know more about the keyboard control


  • To start the dilvery, press and hold the space key;
  • Press Z or X, to make the stone move left/right;
  • Press C to accelerate the stone.
    Tip: like the real curling, right stone speed is decisive for a successfull delivery. In SweepTheIce, stone acceleration depends on the time during which you holding the C key. Looking at the grey rules on sides of the sheet will help you to estimate that time.
  • Release the space key before the stone crosses the front hog line (see the rules of the game);
  • Right after that, press Z or X to rotate the stone.


  • To start sweeping, press and hold ;
  • To sweep left/right, press and hold / ;
  • After you release / , the sweeping direction will smoothly return to the center. Press and release these keys alternately to control the sweeping direction accurately;
  • After you release , the sweeping intensity will be smoothly decreased. Press and release alternately to sweep with medium intensity;
  • To decrease the sweeping intensity instantly, press .

Selecting the stone

  • If more than one stone are available for sweeping, numbers appearance over them. Use 1-9 keys to select the desired stone.
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Rules of the game

Official curling rules with some clarifications are used


Use your mouse or keyboard to control the game


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Express mode

  • 6 ends, 6 stones per end
  • Fast-motion physics
  • Game duration: 30-45 minutes

Classic mode

  • 10 ends, 8 stones per end
  • Real curling physics
  • Game duration: 2-3 hours

the format

One player

  • Play against the computer
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Two players

  • Play against a friend or yourself

the team
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  • Have the hammer in the first end
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